Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to School Shopping... Already?

    Yes, I have only been out of school for a week... and yes, I have already begun back-to-school shopping!!
    I recently did some school shopping and came across these Sperry Topsiders... Now all my past pairs of Sperry's have been the classic Bluefish model in various colors...  But as more and more people are wearing Sperry's I've been looking for something a bit more unique.  So when I came across these Sperry's on sale for only $40 I decided to buy them on a whim figuring that I could always return them if I changed my mind.  
      Obviously, the main difference if the tassels... So my question to all of you is... Should I keep these??  Do you like the tassel or do you prefer the classic Sperry's??  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I tend to be extremely bad at making decisions!!

    Other items I purchased for back-to-school include...
North Face Jester Bag... on sale for $45!

Nine West Cross Body Bag... $20
I bought this bag because it doubles as a wristlet.  I've been meaning to buy a cross body bag and a wristlet for quite some time now... So I loved being able to get both in one bag!

   I purchased some other miscellaneous items... Eliza B ribbon belt, new agenda, Vera Bradley notepad, Nike Shorts... actually I got the Nike shorts in a kids large AND on clearance so they were only $10 each... BARGAIN!!

    That all I purchased for my back-to-school shopping so far... And remember to comment below with your ideas about the Sperry's!! Pretty please, any help is greatly appreciated! :)

Sailboats and Seashells,


  1. I like the Sperry's with the tassels! Its a great way to branch out from the norm, but they're still cute and classic. I am obsessed with my NF backpack. I carry it to class every day!

  2. I love the Northface! I have one too and it has lasted me forever... they're so preppy and sporty :)