Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let the Summer Training Begin!

    Hello all! Sorry I've neglected posting lately... I stayed at a friend's house for a few days... but anyways, I have officially started summer training for cross country!  Hooray!!!! Those two weeks without physical exercise were TORTURE.  But yesterday I finally went for my first bike ride of summer.  I biked with my training partner because training with someone else is always more fun.  We intended to bike 13 miles... but after a quick (aka long, hilly, and tiring) detour to find a pond (that we never found)... it turned out to be a 2 hour, 20 mile bike ride!  Needless to say, we were exhausted.  And I can barely feel my legs today... but it was a great ride to begin summer training!

       Looking fashionable as we biked...

        Here's what my training schedule looks like for the few days...
Thursday: Arm and core conditioning
Friday:  14 miles bike ride (no detours this time!)
Saturday: 1st run of season! Approx. 30 min
                 Arm and core conditioning

     I'll be sure to keep you updated on my fitness adventures!
Sailboats and Seashells, 


  1. Wow, I definitely admire your discipline! Cute Under Armour top, too.

  2. Yay for training to start! It's always great to find out you biked even more than you originally planned. What kind of bike do you have?