Thursday, June 23, 2011

D.I.Y. Cheetah Print Manicure!

     I am completely obsessed with nail polish!!  It's actually a terrible obsession because I change my nail polish constantly (I'm talking 2-3 times a week...).  But I just love the look of clean, artistic nails!  I've decided to post some of my manicures just for fun... Today, I did a cheetah-inspired manicure.  Hope you enjoy!
(FYI... Ignore the grotty cuticles... I have to apply my cuticle moisturizer...)

Step 1: Paint nails desired color.
I chose to paint the base color "Boogie Nights" from Sinful Colors.  It's a coral-orange color... perfect for summer!  I used 2 coats... but this number with vary depending on the color and brand.

Step 2: Add large brown dots.
I decided to only do the cheetah print on accent nails... mostly because I was too lazy... #hellosummer Note: these dots do not have to be perfect circles; blobs look great!  I used polish from the brand Art Club.

Step 3: Outline top and bottom of the brown dots with black.
Again, this does not have to be perfect.  This black is also from Art Club.

Step 4: Add small brown dots.
This step makes the manicure look more "complete."

Step 5: Apply one coat of your favorite top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got some inspiration!  Comment with any ideas for future nail art tutorials. 

Sailboats and Seashells,

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